I absolutely LOVE connecting with my clients and bringing their vibes into the pictures we create together, there's something special about stopping, appreciating stillness, and just having a good old chat!

This opens up opportunities to capture the whole range of subtle, unique, and beautiful characteristics of your being! - great for people that don't want to pose for pictures.

£ please enquire

Meeting George was life changing. To see find out why and see the full gallery from our time together check out my video. This shoot took place in his workshop, he worked, we talked and we created beautiful, moving images together. I would LOVE to have more sessions like these!


I admire and respect those who persevere outside of their comfort zone in pursuit of wellness and fitness ambitions. Creating this type of imagery is very much a joint effort between myself and client because the photographs depict countless hours of development on all parts. I value the trust placed in me to create a safe, comfortable and fun environment and relish on the vibes given off by those who love what we create together.